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Niet echt een dipje hoor. Alleen even weinig te melden. Het eiland Rakso is beetje bevroren. Elke dag is weer anders en toch ook weer hetzelfde. Werken en dan ’s avonds beetje mix van mailen/chatten/bellen/films/series/gamen.

Ohja. Kopenhagen was ook gaaf. Mooie en gezellige stad en was heel gezellig bij Brian en Fenny. Zal eerdaags even wat fotos op m’n Flickr gooien.

Komende dagen ook weer vol met feesten en leuke dingen. Vanavond op m’n werk een feest (de befaamde Nas-dag), dan zaterdagavond verjaardagsfeest van vriend Craggie (die was afgelopen maandag jarig) en dan zondag waarschijnlijk naar Den Haag gezellig middagje en dan ’s avonds naar de bios.

Volgende week lekker vrij, dus dan – naast de Kerstdagen – ook nog maar eens wat leuks doen. We zien wel.

Zo. Dat was weer even een update, zal proberen de volgende sneller te posten 😉

Kopenhagen – here I come!

Toen ik net terug was uit USA (begin oktober), besloten dat ik meer wilde gaan reizen. Hoefde niet elke keer 3-4 weken reizen te zijn. Maar gewoon stedentripjes, meer dingen zien. En dus eerste stedentrip gaat naar Kopenhagen.

Een jaar geleden zijn m’n neef en z’n vrouw daarheen verhuist en is dus mooie combinatie; gezellig op visite en Kopenhagen eens verkennen. Toen dus weekend geprikt… en dat weekend is aankomend weekend.

Dus vanavond is het zover. Vanuit werk naar Schiphol, vliegtuigje (uurtje vliegen) en dan land ik in Kopenhagen. Daar dus tot en met zondagmiddag/avond (is 17:00 nou middag of avond?) lekker rondlopen, leuke dingen zien/doen. En dan vliegen we weer terug naar het koude Nederland (alsof Denemarken zo lekker warm is).

Dusss… dit weekend geen postjes (denk ik). Maar begin volgende week wel wat foto’s 🙂


Just a quick post to let you guys know I’m still alive.

Last weekend was filled with a mixture of showing pictures and telling the US-stories to my family (about 8-9 hours totally spend doing that). And for the rest I watched some episodes of Scrubs, picked back up the PrisonBreak story where I left of months ago and I started to play Team Fortress 2.

Officially this game (in combination with the complete Orange Box) will be released not before tomorrow (Wednesday). But because I pre-ordered the whole package, I could play TF2 online already. And it’s awesome! The graphics are a perfect combination with the game play and everything is perfectly balanced.

Tomorrow evening I will play some of Half Life 2 : Episode 2 and discover the Portals game play. But I also still need to sort out the second batch of my pictures. There are still about 2000 pictures waiting for me to sort out and upload to Flickr.

But ok. Will do that in the next couple of days, but first some relaxation with the whole Orange Box.

Too much

Aaaargh. There is too much going on now. And so little time to enjoy or sit back. Well… I probably have some time to relax, but just don’t really want to yet 😉

Just got back from 4 weeks of vacation in the US. Still trying to grasp that all and still sorting the big pile of pictures (more than 4300 pictures taken!). Added some more yesterday, so take a look if you want to see some pictures from Yellowstone Park (and more).

And besides that I bought Halo3 recently and played it the last couple of days. It’s a kewl game, but still hasn’t really grabbed me as it should. Online multiplayer is very nice, but I still get my ass kicked. So need to play that more often.

But then comes another problem. The HalfLife 2 Orange Box is gonna be released next week, so the after a long time waiting (more than one year) it’s finally there. The sequel Half Life 2 : Episode Two, the puzzle game Portal and the multiplayer game Team Fortress 2. So a box filled with joy.

There is only one problem. I just bought Halo3 and feel a little obligated to play that and develop my skills on the online multiplayer part. But at the same time I want to play the content of the Orange Box next week.

Aaaaargh. To much happiness and joy. Can’t handle it anymore! Help help help! And to make things even worst, there are more huge nice must-buy games getting released in the next couple of months… so this is gonna be a hell of a time for a gamer. Also money-wise, because games aren’t cheap 🙁

Ah well. I know I will buy the Orange Box next week… and then we’ll see. Maybe I’m still occupied with the Orange Box when the other games arive and I can ignore them 🙂


Heard this song on the radio often while driving the US-highways. It is completely not my kind of music… but the beat and the lyrics really grabbed me. And now it’s my US-theme song.

Listen and enjoy:

Nickelback with Rockstar

Some eye candy

The first batch of my pictures are uploaded to Flickr. I totally shoot about 4000-5000 pictures, so it takes a while to filter out the good ones. I wanna show the whole experience, so some of them are more to tell the surroundings or the story.

And sometimes I shot a few from within my car (while driving), so some of them are a little blurry or you might see a close up of a bug on the front window 🙂

Will upload more tomorrow evening. Just got tired of them now 😉

Enjoy them here

Honeys, I’m home!

Home. Back in the Netherlands. Back in my own house again. At my own computer and don’t really know what to feel right now.

I miss the US. I miss all the excitement. I miss all the new stuff. I miss Emma. But it also feels nice to be in my own safe home again. So a little mixed feelings. Probably also influenced by the jetlag. I tried to sleep during the flight, but wasn’t really able to close my eyes and relax. Kept on thinking about the last 4 weeks.

4 amazing and exciting weeks. 4 weeks which resulted in a huge experience.

When I returned my car yesterday (it feels like it was this morning) they said I drove a total of 3591 miles. Will upload some pictures in a bit… but it’s weird, cause it now feels like it’s late in the evening… but it’s not even 3pm 😛

And don’t know if I’m gonna continue writing on Rakso in English or return to Dutch again. Feel free to reply in Dutch, but I just haven’t made up my mind yet. The thing is that my own mind now still works and runs on English. My thoughts are English and when I speak Dutch it sounds weird.

But ok. Gonna select some pictures now and upload them. Will drop a note when finished.