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Wie wil?

Ik zie net dat ik een guest-pass heb voor Team Fortress 2 (PC). Echt heel kewl om online te spelen, doe het alleen zelf niet zo vaak meer. Speel vaker op de Xbox360 – en dan Call of Duty 4.

Nu heb ik dus een zogenaamde guest-pass waarmee je gratis op je PC Team Fortress 2 eventjes kan spelen. En aangezien ik niet heel veel vrienden heb die online op de PC gamen, hierbij de vraag: wie heeft er interesse?

Laat me weten voor 20 oktober, anders issie niet meer geldig. Heb ook nog volledige (gratis!) kopies van HalfLife2 en HalfLife 2 : Episode 1… voor wie deze nog niet gespeeld heeft. Hiermee krijg je de volledige versie van HL2 of HL2:Episode 1!

Heb je interesse, laat dan in de comments een berichtje achter en vertel waarom jij moet krijgen (en uiteraard wat) 😉

Games, games and some other stuff

Last weekend was filled with Halo3, Portal, HalfLife2:Episode 2, TeamFortress2 and also some Xbox Live Arcade games.

I notice my game-addiction is getting back since I returned from my trip 3 weeks ago. Before my trip my mind probably was focusing more on the US-trip than on gaming.

But now I have to choose what game to play. On my Xbox360 I’m completely into Halo3. The singleplayer campaign is awesome and multiplayer is also a lot fun to play too. Still get my *ss kicked online, but it’s fun. And for the quick satisfaction, there are also some quick light Xbox Live Arcade games screaming for my attention.

And on the PC it’s the same. My newest addiction is the content of the Orange Box. I finished the story-mode of Portals, but now there are more puzzle challenges available, so not done with that. Then we also have the next episode of the HalfLife 2 story line – which is awesome! And my multiplayer-skills also gets some practice with TeamFortress2 – amazingly fun to play!

So a lot to do – beside the usual getting groceries and cleaning the house during the weekends. And things are even getting more busy starting in November, ‘cause then Assassins Creed will be available for the Xbox360. Maybe I’ll try to get the Limited Edition, since the statue there looks stunning!

But we’ll see. First another round of… mmm… let’s see. Probably HalfLife2 or Portals now. Just played TF2 for two hours 😛

[edit]And I played HL2 for one hour and just played TF2 for another half an hour 😉