Okay, okay today was REALLY REALLY REALLY, Skar’s first day in the United States of America.

Great news! Today I offer thee sms straight from His fingers:

10:48pm PDT “Now tasting the MM orange juice and also no bad! Enjoying some tv and looking forward to…” ~ Oh so sorry. Seems like this one cut off. I wonder what he is looking forward to? 🙂
9:20am PDT “My mind goes complete…” ~ Oh my, it happened again. Why on earth….maybe the next SMS will be better.
10:18am PDT “Let’s put the name down on the agenda ;-P But just so you know: I’m in the US now. Just passed customs. I’m on my…” ~ Cant wait to hear what he is on? Drugs? A little pony!?!?
10:52 am PDT “After some consideration I’m willing to accept… ~ Aww someone must have appealed to his level headed “nugterness.” I wonder who is winning this argument 😀
11:19 am PDT “And don’t forget about the SA-customs/superpowers! I’m now in Bellingham. You are…” ~ I am sure he was gonna say something nice there. Some people in loosing arguments gives the best compliments.
2:09 pm PDT “Wanna know where I’m at? www.piroshkybakery.com Just bought apple cinnamon roll there and enjoying it in the sun. Will call later.” ~ SKAR WINS! Game, Match. Point! Click that link, and weep. But only if you believe you can restain your jealousy, Paul. This one almost made me hop on a plane to Seattle.

Jaja, we are missing the info about his glorious last meal in Canada (D3) and today’s post 2:09 pm PDT Seattle adventures codeword: music (D4). So don’t allow Skar to leave his next internet cafe without touching on those topics.