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Games are back and they start to take over my world again. Combined with watching some movies or series, games aree now back and being my number 1 time waster. One month ago, Halo3 started the big game wave and the following months will be filled with the release of some other pretty kewl games (all Xbox360):

Assassins Creed
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Mass Effect
Guitar Hero III
Project Gotham Racing 4
and more…

Most of them I won’t buy, but a couple are seriously considered. And one or two are just must-buys.

For instance Assassins Creed. This game will be released next week and I’m sure I will buy this one.

Assassins Creed

In January the game Burnout Paradise will hit the stores. Probably another must buy. But will first check the demo before I get me this one.

Burnout Paradise

And after playing the demo of Project Gotham Racing 4 last night with Craggie, this game entered the maybe-buy-list now too.

A lot games are hitting the shelves next few months. And probably more than I can chew. So I’ll have to make some choices. But that’s gonna be kewl. Having a lot to choose from 😉

Game until you drop

Last night I hadn’t had that much of a sleep. About 2 hours max. But what happenend?

Well… because I stayed until late at my work with some colleagues, I had missed my last train home. Luckily a colleague offered to let me stay at his place. So we went to his place taking a cab and eventually arrived there at about 1am.

Then we decided to quickly play some games on the Xbox. We started with Medal of Honor:European Assault. Played that for an hour, continued with some Xbox Live Arcade games. And then we played for a couple of hours Halo3 online. Got our buts kicked, won some rounds and had lots of fun. Cool thing was that I was able to login with my own Xbox Live account, so all the results are now also on my Halo3-profile. But then we looked at the clock and it was 6am already.

So we decided to quickly close our eyes, but had to get back to work at 8am again. So we only had 2 hours of sleep, but lots of fun. Today feels like it’s Friday, but it’s not.

The good thing is that tomorrow it will feel like Friday again 🙂

Games, games and some other stuff

Last weekend was filled with Halo3, Portal, HalfLife2:Episode 2, TeamFortress2 and also some Xbox Live Arcade games.

I notice my game-addiction is getting back since I returned from my trip 3 weeks ago. Before my trip my mind probably was focusing more on the US-trip than on gaming.

But now I have to choose what game to play. On my Xbox360 I’m completely into Halo3. The singleplayer campaign is awesome and multiplayer is also a lot fun to play too. Still get my *ss kicked online, but it’s fun. And for the quick satisfaction, there are also some quick light Xbox Live Arcade games screaming for my attention.

And on the PC it’s the same. My newest addiction is the content of the Orange Box. I finished the story-mode of Portals, but now there are more puzzle challenges available, so not done with that. Then we also have the next episode of the HalfLife 2 story line – which is awesome! And my multiplayer-skills also gets some practice with TeamFortress2 – amazingly fun to play!

So a lot to do – beside the usual getting groceries and cleaning the house during the weekends. And things are even getting more busy starting in November, ‘cause then Assassins Creed will be available for the Xbox360. Maybe I’ll try to get the Limited Edition, since the statue there looks stunning!

But we’ll see. First another round of… mmm… let’s see. Probably HalfLife2 or Portals now. Just played TF2 for two hours 😛

[edit]And I played HL2 for one hour and just played TF2 for another half an hour 😉

Too much

Aaaargh. There is too much going on now. And so little time to enjoy or sit back. Well… I probably have some time to relax, but just don’t really want to yet 😉

Just got back from 4 weeks of vacation in the US. Still trying to grasp that all and still sorting the big pile of pictures (more than 4300 pictures taken!). Added some more yesterday, so take a look if you want to see some pictures from Yellowstone Park (and more).

And besides that I bought Halo3 recently and played it the last couple of days. It’s a kewl game, but still hasn’t really grabbed me as it should. Online multiplayer is very nice, but I still get my ass kicked. So need to play that more often.

But then comes another problem. The HalfLife 2 Orange Box is gonna be released next week, so the after a long time waiting (more than one year) it’s finally there. The sequel Half Life 2 : Episode Two, the puzzle game Portal and the multiplayer game Team Fortress 2. So a box filled with joy.

There is only one problem. I just bought Halo3 and feel a little obligated to play that and develop my skills on the online multiplayer part. But at the same time I want to play the content of the Orange Box next week.

Aaaaargh. To much happiness and joy. Can’t handle it anymore! Help help help! And to make things even worst, there are more huge nice must-buy games getting released in the next couple of months… so this is gonna be a hell of a time for a gamer. Also money-wise, because games aren’t cheap 🙁

Ah well. I know I will buy the Orange Box next week… and then we’ll see. Maybe I’m still occupied with the Orange Box when the other games arive and I can ignore them 🙂