Today is the final day of my life where I can do things and experience them as being a 26-year-old. Tomorrow I will turn 27 and I can never (ever) do something and experience that as a 26-year-old.

The positive side is that I now can start experiencing everything as a 27-year-old. The things I’m now used to suddenly becomes new and exciting again. So normal daily stuff becomes less boring. Everything which is routine becomes special and new.

Imagine that. A whole year (or at least the first few weeks) full of new experiences. I’ve never watched tv as a 27-year-old. Never played on my Xbox being 27. Never listened to music with 27 years old ears. Never ate, never slept, never took a shower, never bought groceries, never laughed. To name it all: never lived being 27.

But tomorrow that will start. From tomorrow on, I will start to experience everything from the 27-years-old point of view. Wonder if it’s different from my point of view today.

But there is only one way of finding out… making it through today and getting 27 tomorrow.