Aaaargh. There is too much going on now. And so little time to enjoy or sit back. Well… I probably have some time to relax, but just don’t really want to yet 😉

Just got back from 4 weeks of vacation in the US. Still trying to grasp that all and still sorting the big pile of pictures (more than 4300 pictures taken!). Added some more yesterday, so take a look if you want to see some pictures from Yellowstone Park (and more).

And besides that I bought Halo3 recently and played it the last couple of days. It’s a kewl game, but still hasn’t really grabbed me as it should. Online multiplayer is very nice, but I still get my ass kicked. So need to play that more often.

But then comes another problem. The HalfLife 2 Orange Box is gonna be released next week, so the after a long time waiting (more than one year) it’s finally there. The sequel Half Life 2 : Episode Two, the puzzle game Portal and the multiplayer game Team Fortress 2. So a box filled with joy.

There is only one problem. I just bought Halo3 and feel a little obligated to play that and develop my skills on the online multiplayer part. But at the same time I want to play the content of the Orange Box next week.

Aaaaargh. To much happiness and joy. Can’t handle it anymore! Help help help! And to make things even worst, there are more huge nice must-buy games getting released in the next couple of months… so this is gonna be a hell of a time for a gamer. Also money-wise, because games aren’t cheap 🙁

Ah well. I know I will buy the Orange Box next week… and then we’ll see. Maybe I’m still occupied with the Orange Box when the other games arive and I can ignore them 🙂