Looks different

Yep. Rakso looks different.

I was getting pretty bored with the looks it had for the last year. So was kinda looking for some other templates. Yep. That’s the power of WordPress – it has a templating system which makes it easy to change it’s look – just one click.

And I like the current one. It’s clean and looks nice. But it does need some changes, fixes, adjustments before it’s all Rakso-worthy.

And who knows. Maybe I’ll create a new template myself or find another template I like better or are lazy and return to the previous one. Probably the biggest change is that I now write in English. Don’t really have a solid reason for that, but just continue doing it. It feels good.

And one thing I do know is that the next couple of days/weeks there will be some graphical changes 🙂

9 reacties op “Looks different”

*suddenly there is a thud and we see emma come tumbling down the stairs. she wipes a stray hair strand from her face, adjusts her dress and smiles big*
i wasn’t eaves dropping on you. really!
my eplane crashed into the top estory of rakso island. but don’t worry. no broken bones 😀

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