Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Schaumburg (about 1 hour drive North-West of Chicago). Read my book for a while, watched some tv, drove around and grabbed a burrito at TacoBell. And after spending a couple of hours with Emma on the phone I dropped into my King-sized-bed.

Today is my last day on US soil. And it rains. For the first time during my vacation. And it’s good, because it shows the weather is gonna miss me too 😉

I will miss this country with all the new, exciting and interesting differences.
I will miss hopping from hotel to hotel.
I will miss driving around on the rural roads.
I will miss spending time with Emma.
I will miss choosing where and what to eat.
I will miss all the opportunities to shoot pictures.
I will miss being foreign.
I will miss so much. But it’s also good to return to home and see my friends and family again.

Now I’m gonna check out the hotel, drive up to O’hare Airport, return my rental car (gonna miss that beauty) and check in for my flight later today (5:57pm).

But one day I will return to the US to explore more. I know that for sure. Have only seen 20% or less. So there is so much more to explore 🙂