Last night I hadn’t had that much of a sleep. About 2 hours max. But what happenend?

Well… because I stayed until late at my work with some colleagues, I had missed my last train home. Luckily a colleague offered to let me stay at his place. So we went to his place taking a cab and eventually arrived there at about 1am.

Then we decided to quickly play some games on the Xbox. We started with Medal of Honor:European Assault. Played that for an hour, continued with some Xbox Live Arcade games. And then we played for a couple of hours Halo3 online. Got our buts kicked, won some rounds and had lots of fun. Cool thing was that I was able to login with my own Xbox Live account, so all the results are now also on my Halo3-profile. But then we looked at the clock and it was 6am already.

So we decided to quickly close our eyes, but had to get back to work at 8am again. So we only had 2 hours of sleep, but lots of fun. Today feels like it’s Friday, but it’s not.

The good thing is that tomorrow it will feel like Friday again 🙂