Four years ago the island Rakso was formed and through out the years it became shaped as it is now.

If you look back you’ll see all the different topics I covered. The different phases I went through. Some things changed, some did not. I’m no longer a student, I’m no longer living at my parents and also some other topics changed over time. But the overall core topics still remain: gaming, movies, daily life and work.

You can see a timeline when viewing the topics: first I was still on college, busy getting my degree, then I got my first job and after a while moved on to my current job – at Qi.
And also my interests also changed over time. Topics were (in no particular order) things like gaming, holidays, movies, music, my PlayStation2, followed by the new Xbox360, my exploration of Flash and most recently my trip to America.

If you look at four years ago and now, there is not a big difference. The core topics still remain: I still write about things what happens to me in my daily life, I still write about movies I’ve seen, I still play and write about game and I still am suffering from my enthusiastm-syndrom.

I still enjoy sharing everything on Rakso. In the four years it [the word Rakso] has evolved from being my name backwards to becoming it’s own individual. I check Rakso. I post something on Rakso. I visit Rakso. It is so much more than just my name backwards. And I hope I can keep it like that for the following years.

We’ll see. And now some pie!