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Nothing to report

Nope. Nothing to mention here. Everything goes fine. I’m still alive. Still working. Still playing games or watching movies in my spare time. Try to sometimes add some comments or titles to my Flickr pictures, so you guys know what you are looking at. Also try to maintain my Tumblr … which is more efficient for posting short items.

So. That’s it for now. November is about the start, so I’m back for almost a month already. Time really flies. It’s almost my birthday, Sinterklaas is about to enter the country and then we are having Christmas and New Year. And before you know it… it’s 2008.

Time flies.

Game until you drop

Last night I hadn’t had that much of a sleep. About 2 hours max. But what happenend?

Well… because I stayed until late at my work with some colleagues, I had missed my last train home. Luckily a colleague offered to let me stay at his place. So we went to his place taking a cab and eventually arrived there at about 1am.

Then we decided to quickly play some games on the Xbox. We started with Medal of Honor:European Assault. Played that for an hour, continued with some Xbox Live Arcade games. And then we played for a couple of hours Halo3 online. Got our buts kicked, won some rounds and had lots of fun. Cool thing was that I was able to login with my own Xbox Live account, so all the results are now also on my Halo3-profile. But then we looked at the clock and it was 6am already.

So we decided to quickly close our eyes, but had to get back to work at 8am again. So we only had 2 hours of sleep, but lots of fun. Today feels like it’s Friday, but it’s not.

The good thing is that tomorrow it will feel like Friday again 🙂

Games, games and some other stuff

Last weekend was filled with Halo3, Portal, HalfLife2:Episode 2, TeamFortress2 and also some Xbox Live Arcade games.

I notice my game-addiction is getting back since I returned from my trip 3 weeks ago. Before my trip my mind probably was focusing more on the US-trip than on gaming.

But now I have to choose what game to play. On my Xbox360 I’m completely into Halo3. The singleplayer campaign is awesome and multiplayer is also a lot fun to play too. Still get my *ss kicked online, but it’s fun. And for the quick satisfaction, there are also some quick light Xbox Live Arcade games screaming for my attention.

And on the PC it’s the same. My newest addiction is the content of the Orange Box. I finished the story-mode of Portals, but now there are more puzzle challenges available, so not done with that. Then we also have the next episode of the HalfLife 2 story line – which is awesome! And my multiplayer-skills also gets some practice with TeamFortress2 – amazingly fun to play!

So a lot to do – beside the usual getting groceries and cleaning the house during the weekends. And things are even getting more busy starting in November, ‘cause then Assassins Creed will be available for the Xbox360. Maybe I’ll try to get the Limited Edition, since the statue there looks stunning!

But we’ll see. First another round of… mmm… let’s see. Probably HalfLife2 or Portals now. Just played TF2 for two hours 😛

[edit]And I played HL2 for one hour and just played TF2 for another half an hour 😉

Four years of islandness

Four years ago the island Rakso was formed and through out the years it became shaped as it is now.

If you look back you’ll see all the different topics I covered. The different phases I went through. Some things changed, some did not. I’m no longer a student, I’m no longer living at my parents and also some other topics changed over time. But the overall core topics still remain: gaming, movies, daily life and work.

You can see a timeline when viewing the topics: first I was still on college, busy getting my degree, then I got my first job and after a while moved on to my current job – at Qi.
And also my interests also changed over time. Topics were (in no particular order) things like gaming, holidays, movies, music, my PlayStation2, followed by the new Xbox360, my exploration of Flash and most recently my trip to America.

If you look at four years ago and now, there is not a big difference. The core topics still remain: I still write about things what happens to me in my daily life, I still write about movies I’ve seen, I still play and write about game and I still am suffering from my enthusiastm-syndrom.

I still enjoy sharing everything on Rakso. In the four years it [the word Rakso] has evolved from being my name backwards to becoming it’s own individual. I check Rakso. I post something on Rakso. I visit Rakso. It is so much more than just my name backwards. And I hope I can keep it like that for the following years.

We’ll see. And now some pie!

Looks different

Yep. Rakso looks different.

I was getting pretty bored with the looks it had for the last year. So was kinda looking for some other templates. Yep. That’s the power of WordPress – it has a templating system which makes it easy to change it’s look – just one click.

And I like the current one. It’s clean and looks nice. But it does need some changes, fixes, adjustments before it’s all Rakso-worthy.

And who knows. Maybe I’ll create a new template myself or find another template I like better or are lazy and return to the previous one. Probably the biggest change is that I now write in English. Don’t really have a solid reason for that, but just continue doing it. It feels good.

And one thing I do know is that the next couple of days/weeks there will be some graphical changes 🙂

Too many movies

Last night I visited – just by a spontanious act – the movie Shoot Em Up. I convinced my brother Jaz and his girlfriend to come with me.

The movie choice was more a forced one, because I saw almost all the other movies (Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3, The Kingdom and Knocked Up) in the US already. Knocked Up was even for sale already on DVD when I was there.

But the movie was an entertaining and fun movie to watch. The story was not much, but the action was over the top and served it’s purpose. I guess that the other movies (especially The Kingdom and Bourne Ultimatum) are more worth your money. But if you ever need to hang back and enjoy an action movie: rent Shoot Em up.



Just a quick post to let you guys know I’m still alive.

Last weekend was filled with a mixture of showing pictures and telling the US-stories to my family (about 8-9 hours totally spend doing that). And for the rest I watched some episodes of Scrubs, picked back up the PrisonBreak story where I left of months ago and I started to play Team Fortress 2.

Officially this game (in combination with the complete Orange Box) will be released not before tomorrow (Wednesday). But because I pre-ordered the whole package, I could play TF2 online already. And it’s awesome! The graphics are a perfect combination with the game play and everything is perfectly balanced.

Tomorrow evening I will play some of Half Life 2 : Episode 2 and discover the Portals game play. But I also still need to sort out the second batch of my pictures. There are still about 2000 pictures waiting for me to sort out and upload to Flickr.

But ok. Will do that in the next couple of days, but first some relaxation with the whole Orange Box.