Yellow Fewer: Day 7

Skar is traveling through areas flushed hot and then cold with phone service. His cell service provider predicts a 50% chance of pulling trough to a signal in The Vicinity of the Yellow Rocks. Last we heard of him was yesterday just outside Livingston, Idaho. He was in great spirits, and said that he has had visions of natural beauty that we would like to  share.

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LOL of cause, Paul. Look at it from Skar’s point of view. The opportunity here is to escape from us; to increase our level of appreciation for him over the long-term. America is all about unlimited BIG PICTURE opportunities…and of cause cheap $20 phones with limited reception to create unlimited profit making opportunity for corporations if one does not have a big picture and buy upgraded tin can 😛


Remenber the DVD we recently watched of Wylie Gustaffson. Wylie and the Wild West, Live at the Tractor. This might be somewhere along your route and one of those unexpected sidesteps like Irma and me experienced at the Carman Fair near Winnipeg.
September 19th, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming. Wylie performs live at the Rendezvous Royal Kick Off Dance. Free and open to public. Have a look at and


thanks for pointing that out, sander. if anyone in the mean time knows a quick fix please let me know. otherwise it will have to wait until wednesday. right now i have to focus my commission meeting i have tomorrow. Skar called last night from a phone booth. he is doing well. 🙂

I figured out the problem which makes the front page render badly. In the post ‘Quick update from Seattle [D5]’ theres a piece of text right in front of the word ‘Byeah!’. I’m not sure what it does, but it’s definitely screwing up the page bigtime! I’m not sure if you, Emma, will be able to remove this piece of text, else we’ll wait for Ossie to fix it.

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