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Super Tourist Man: Day 2

Okay today was actually Skar’s REAL REAL first day.
But we will call it Day 2 just to throw off the evil people that are chasing after our precious little nugget of happiness.

‘What evil people?’ you ask. The worst kind! FOREIGN ONES?
‘Come now, how do you know this?’ you protest.
Oh, let me count the ways!

5) When Skar opened his suitcase this morning, the content had been tampered with! Someone managed to crack the top secret code of his suitcase and put their dirty little paws all over his superhero costumes, I mean, brand name t-shirts. But be at piece, all belongings are unscathed.
4) 3-4 friendly strangers offered to take Skar’s picture even though he was working really hard not to act like a tourist. Only people with super spy gadgets would have known he was indeed a tourist hiding his camera on the inside of his new coat! Apparently he only snapped 400 pictures today 🙂
3) He was offered a free ride in the park with an entertaining driver who had a whole bucket of money. My theory? The sneaky bad guys paid a someone bucket of money to distract Skar.
2) Tonight he is tired and his body is aching (a teeny tiny bit). Some may say it is because he spend hours on his feet walking and exploring every nook and cranny of Vancouver. But I say he was nourished enough to overcome any tiredness. After all, he had a snickers bar, donut, hot dog AND bagel today. But here is the thing: these normal dishes ALL tasted foreign. Only one tasted better than what he is use to. Face it, if America is one of the most obesity nations in the word, the food has to be better by at least a 3:1 ratio instead of a 1:3 ratio. Conclusion: the villains are trying to steal Skar’s superpowers!
1) Skar also asked me to forward a hidden message on his blog. He had absolute confidence that the person this message is intended for would understand on account of HIM / her waking up “wiser” this morning: “re mim birr tu al so til ma fa der ha pie birf dy sip tim birr fif.”

Now, Skar never told me outright that he is in grave danger. But that is because he is brave and confident and enjoying his adventure. Besides any good superhero he would have the sense to be careful to let this adversary know he is onto them.

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