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Quickie from Cody, WY

A quick quick post from the library in Cody, Wyoming. Just left Yellowstone Park. I’m still alive and LOVING it…. OMG OMG OMG… the scenery is amazing, the people are awesome and the weather couldn’t be any better… about 90F / 25-30C degrees. LOVELY!

I shot Emma a more detailed report. She’s pretty busy right now with her work, so she might update Rakso tomorrow… all have patience.

Some facts: writing this in a library, drove more than 1000mi already, YSP is very nice (the Grand Canyon is even more beautiful than all the geysers) and the people are very very nice.

@Herman: I’m in Cody right now, but won’t be here in one week from now. So I won’t be able to see Willy perform 🙁 Maybe some other time.

@Emma: LUKDM!

@rest: cya soon!