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Quick update from Seattle [D5]

Forwarded: Skar wrote this Sept 7 but experienced some technical difficulties in the uploading.

A special treat for my fans… a quick update from an internet cafe in Seattle. 1111 First Avenue to be precise (again found with help from my baby, Emma).

Yesterday I traveled from Vancouver to Seattle by Greyhound bus. After dropping my stuff in the hotel, I wandered the streets and visited some of the highlights of Seattle… Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square and also visited the Space Needle (after hesitated for a long time). It’s so kewl, referring to the streets as First Avenue, Second Avenue, corner of 1st and Pike street…etc… so KEWL! 🙂

After seeing all the highlights, I sat down and enjoying my barbecued ribs while a Jazz band was performing on stage. Very nice experience.

And now I just checked out of the hotel, gonna wander the streets for a few hours more and then grab a taxi to the airport and get my rental car.

One last note. I really respect you all want to hear more of my personal experiences, but for several reasons that’s not gonna happen:
1) I don’t want to get on internet daily. That wouldn’t feel like holiday, would it?
2) I so much enjoy the way Emma writes and her view on my trip – and the suddle jokes she makes
3) This afternoon I will drive away from Seattle and more into the wild rural mountain areas. So probably less internet cafes there 😉