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Picture time!

Yeah. I did it. After spending about 2 hours in the internet cafe… while chatting with my baby… I’ve uploaded the first bunch of pictures to Flickr. Watch and enjoy!

View the whole set here


Let’s give Emma a break [D3]


Continuing In His Words: Day 4

  1. momá

    Wat een mooie plaatjes. Onze trip naar Canada komt hiermee weer helemaal terug. We zijn benieuwd naar ’t vervolg.
    Prachtig weer trouwens ook daar in het verre westen. Veel succes bij je volgende stap.

  2. Ha! I’m getting hungry with all the pictures of faaaast food 😀

  3. Eva

    Skar its so great to read your experiences, but i love the pics they say so much more. Try to see much as you can, but remember its just a hollyday 😉 ha ha ha..
    Peter says HI and misses you.

  4. From an internet cafe in Seattle

    @mom: Yeah… everything looks so stunning. I love it. Vancouver is awesome and really a place I can recomment to visit some day!

    @paul: yeah… i also took some pics of normal food, but it’s not easy to walk into a restaurant by yourself… and also not when you are on a budget

    @eva: i will upload some more pics now… and I’m fully aware of this being a holiday… thanks for reminding me :-S

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