Omaha and Zoo

Just a quick update. About to go to bed, but just wanna let you guys know what I’m up to.

Wednesday I didn’t went to the Zoo, I walked around in Omaha – has some very old beautiful buildings – and visited a mall. Was less big than the one in Vancouver, though. But it had a lovely bookstore, Barnes & Noble. Big and lots of books. Also bought two t-shirts and some socks (didn’t felt like washing).

Thursday I did went to the Omaha Zoo. It was weird, I was expecting it to be a huge zoo with lots of animals. They did had animals and a lot different, but less then expected. What I really appreciated about the Zoo was the fact that it more felt like a park with animals, then caged animals on a row. They also had an indoor desert and an indoor rain forest, which were nice. And at the end of the day I visited a movie in the IMAX theater.

I’ve shot a lot of pictures and will upload some soon. Just didn’t took the time for it. You’ll all have to wait, ok? Tomorrow it won’t happen either, because I will visit Iowa City together with Emma and her sister. They will show me around and in the evening we will party – hardcore American BBQ style.

So, I’m doing fine. The weather is awesome, just like Emma and I’ll touch base soon.


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