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More pictures

And some more pictures added from my one day stay at Seattle.


Continuing In His Words: Day 4


Quick update from Seattle [D5]

  1. Hey Skar (and MA ofcourse).
    Great to see you made it to Seattle! A lot of the pictures look familiar. I still think it’s a beautiful city and the skyline is overwhelming too. Do try the view from the space needle at night, it’s really nice. Also make sure to stop by at the fish market, they’re actually tossing fishes there. Fun to watch! While you’re at it, try to find Avanade’s head quarters. It’s somewhere on Elliot Avenue near the shore (far from the docks though).

    Looks like you’re having fun out there. I’m looking forward to more stories and pictures! Take care!

  2. momá

    Hi Skar, imagine us sitting in our living watching the DVD of the Merlefest on one computer and watching your pictures on the other one. What does a man (read mom) wants more…..

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