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Iowa City and theater

This weekend we [Emma and me] went to Iowa City. First we had brunch with Emma’s sister in a Chinese restaurant. A buffet, so I could pick my favorites and eat as much as I wanted.

After that we drove around the city for a bit, they showed me the main buildings. We took a short break to visit an ‘aunt’ of theirs. We drank some tea and talked and after 1,5 hour we continued our tour in Iowa City.

They showed me the suburbs, the downtown area and the university buildings. OMG, they have so many different specialty buildings. And then we went to a friends BBQ birthday party. We ate and we drank and eventually we went homeward at 10:45pm.

On the way back we briefly stopped at the music college and played on the pianos in one of the practice rooms for a while. And eventually we were home at about 1am – fell asleep at 3am, cause we couldn’t stop talking.

Sunday we went to Cedar Falls / Waterloo. Spend some time with Emma’s family there and went to the theater. We viewed the musical Evita – which was good, especially because I hadn’t see the movie – and afterwards we ate at Carlos O’Kelly’s – a Mexican restaurant.

After that I played some games with Emma’s brother on the Xbox360 – and also some Singstar on the PS2… OMG… that’s so much fun, laughed our heads off! And then we went home and eventually hit the pillows at 2am.

And for today Des Moines is the plan. Gonna check that out, let’s see if anything interesting is over there. You’ll hear.