Een eiland in de oceaan van weblogs


First Day

*puts her little picnic basket down,
and pulls off her
little red hooded cape to reveal her face*
Hi, I am the new kid on your block.
Looking forward to playing with you in the rakso woods.

*unfolds a picnic blanket onto the soft grass
and lays out a plate of chewy American chocolate chip cookies
I also have some freshly squeezed lemonade. Come and sit down. I will tell you all about Skar’s adventures in the WILD WILD American West (and Midwest).


Laatste dagje


US/Canada Vacation: Day 1

  1. Mmm… I like chocolate chip cookies! And within a few days I can eat the REAL American ones 🙂

    And welcome to the block, new kid!

  2. momá

    Hi new kid. Welcom on board.
    We are hungry for news ánd cookies.
    Tell us the stories you hear……

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