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Crazy Mount Rushmore Horse

Just like Emma told you guys earlier; I visited Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore yesterday (Thursday the 13th). But it was not as good as expected.

Well… let met put it like this: Crazy Horse was very impressive, because it was a non government sponsored initiative and they are really believing in building the thing. It’s impressive and huge! It’s gonna be a statue of about 550 feet (170 meters) high! But the whole visitor center was swamped with paintings and art related to the Indian Culture. And without any explanation or some directions, it was not very interesting in my opinion. So I looked at the story how the building of Crazy Horse started and then quickly wandered the museum. And then I left and went up to Mt Rushmore.

And that was even more disappointing. Really. It’s not as big as it looks on the pictures, it’s a pretty small in the mountain. And just to show how less there is to see: I arrived at 3:40pm and I left at 4:05pm. So I spend 25 minutes total. And I took about 10 pictures of the heads (Mount Rushmore itself) and about 5-6-7 pictures of the squirrels running around 😀

For the rest the scenery was different from Cody and Casper again… which was nice, because now it becomes to be less desert-ish and more green / trees. Today the Badlands are on the schedule. After that… it’s a 3 days drive through Nebraska towards Iowa. Really enjoy the driving, got a perfect car (a white Saturn Ion) and they have so much radio stations here – haven’t really played lot of my CD’s yet 🙂

And in a few days maybe meeting Emma! Exciting and really looking forward to that so much! 😀

Talk to you guys later!


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Badlands are GOOOOOD

  1. momá

    Soms valt het mee; soms wordt je verrast en een andere keer valt ’t wat tegen. Dat houdt je gemiddelde in balans moet je maar denken.

  2. True true. And yesterday in the Badlands made everything getting WAY over to the postive balance again 🙂

  3. Really? I actually thought it was interesting; cause of all the hard work people put into it and stuff. Well; I think someone had another face in his head then all those great old boring leaders 😉

  4. Pineau and Eva

    How many days till you see Emma? We are so excited for you…WHIIEEEEEEE 😀
    Happy to read that the USA is great.

  5. @Paul: well… I don’t know what I expected, but I guess I’m more a natural beauty lover then something produced by humans.

    @PE: Uhm. Will tell you when the time is there, guys. And also very very excited 🙂
    And USA really is awesome!

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