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Badlands are GOOOOOD

Ok. Quick post before I hit the road again.

Yesterday I left Rapid City and drove through the Badlands. And OMG… that is really amazing! It’s so beautiful, I pulled over about 20-30-40 times. I spend more than 4 hours driving through it and I shot more than 400-500 pictures.

For comparison: I shot less than 150 pictures at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Don’t know the number of pictures I shot in Yellowstone, but the Badlands are WAY more beautiful! Really. It’s amazing and looks soooo nice. When I have better internet-access I will post some pictures. I think you guys wanna see that, right?

And I also saw bizons for real again. Saw them in YSP too, but here it felt more like their natural habitat. Some were even very close to my car - needed to stop, because they crossed the road in front of me. And I saw prarie dogs. OMG those are cute! 🙂

Yesterday evening I visited a rodeo too, which was fun, but very cold. Everyone was wearing cowboy hats… and a lot of the people were keeping score for the riders. But it was so cold, I had to wear my jeans, sweater and jacket. So after 1,5 hours I went back to my hotel. And then talked for 4-5 hours with Emma – went to bed at 2:30am.

So now driving more to the east and we’ll see were we will end up tonight. Cya!


Crazy Mount Rushmore Horse


Proof of life

  1. momá

    We love your quick posts like this.

  2. Why did you not shot a bizon and asked a native american to fix you up with some nice warm clothes? 😉

  3. momá

    Every good advise comes always too late.

  4. Well… first I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. And the moment I walked up to the seats, I saw everyone tightly wrapped into blankets and thick jackets. So after a few minutes I walked back to my car, changed into my jeans (some acrobatics there) and put on my sweaters and my jackets as well. But even with that on, it was kinda cold – and after a while you’ve seen it all. Was nice to witness, but wasn’t something where I could stick for hours.

  5. Sander Wichers @ Qi

    Nice to hear from you like that! I hope you keep enjoying yourself the way you’re doing now! Also looking forward seeing you back…

    Keep it up!


  6. Thanks. I’m really enjoying myself and I’m looking forward to not work for two more weeks 😉 You all enjoy work day in, day out! 😛

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