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Badlands are GOOOOOD

Ok. Quick post before I hit the road again.

Yesterday I left Rapid City and drove through the Badlands. And OMG… that is really amazing! It’s so beautiful, I pulled over about 20-30-40 times. I spend more than 4 hours driving through it and I shot more than 400-500 pictures.

For comparison: I shot less than 150 pictures at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Don’t know the number of pictures I shot in Yellowstone, but the Badlands are WAY more beautiful! Really. It’s amazing and looks soooo nice. When I have better internet-access I will post some pictures. I think you guys wanna see that, right?

And I also saw bizons for real again. Saw them in YSP too, but here it felt more like their natural habitat. Some were even very close to my car - needed to stop, because they crossed the road in front of me. And I saw prarie dogs. OMG those are cute! 🙂

Yesterday evening I visited a rodeo too, which was fun, but very cold. Everyone was wearing cowboy hats… and a lot of the people were keeping score for the riders. But it was so cold, I had to wear my jeans, sweater and jacket. So after 1,5 hours I went back to my hotel. And then talked for 4-5 hours with Emma – went to bed at 2:30am.

So now driving more to the east and we’ll see were we will end up tonight. Cya!