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US/Canada Vacation: Day 1

Okay today was his REAL first day.
AND I got a few crumbs for y’all!

Inside sources reveal: After careful sneaky planning Skar got Mom and Dad exactly where he wanted them: At Schiphol for a leisurely brunch. From the pictures I saw it looked like he needed them both there to push him onto the plane and strap him into his seat cuz he was scared of leaving to go to America.
Okay, okay, maybe that last point is not EXACTLY accurate. I know eventually his smiling airport pictures will surface 🙂

The source revealed: Skar arrived safely in Chicago! Sounds like he also had the air hostess exactly where he wanted her: Our long legged friend made Bambie eyes and got upgraded for the 9 hour stretch of his trip! Jeeeije! This also gave him an opportunity to catch up on the movie deprivation he endures in his everyday life.

Apparently United American force fed him some weird food while he was trapped over international waters too. We did not have enough time to dissect what the breaded wonder could have possibly been, so you will have to ask him about this when you see / chat / talk to him again. All I can deduct is that the dish involved WAY TOO MANY FOOD GROUPS to possibly have tasted good. But don’t worry, Mom, that also means he had at least one healthy meal on his 1 month American vacation.

Next stop: Vancouver, Canada!